Niblick the Poltroon

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News 9/22/03: Hey, check out Niblick's journal!
News 9/2/03: I'm thinking of getting niblick shirts printed up. Please look at the t-shirt page for information, and contact me with your thoughts.
News 8/11/03: The store has been updated. The lunchbox is now double-sided, and there are some snarkling items!
News 8/11/03: Readers take note! I will be on vaction from August 12 through August 19.
News 7/10/03: The Niblick FAQ is now up!
News 7/1/03: There is now a niblick store!
News 6/13/03: Niblick stickers are here! Email me for more info on how you can get some!