September 23, 2003

Me and My Snarkling

I forgot to tell you about the Snarkling in the last journal entry!

See, one day I was out watching the town's sheep and I heard a scary noise that kept getting louder and louder. It made me very afraid, and I ran off. But I then got lost in the woods. While I was in the woods a snarkling came out and snarked at me. This made me more afraid and I ran off screaming. Then Sage Guttie found me and told me that my screaming scared the snarkling off.

Then, a few days later, Belroy and I had to go into the basement to get some plates. When we got to the storage room there was a snarkling sleeping in it! At first I was very scared, but then Belroy told me that he was friendly. When Guttie saw the snarkling, he told me it was the same one that found me in the woods.

Anyway, since then the Snarkling and I have been friends! I never really gave him a name, I just call him Snarkling, but I use the capital letter to show it is his name.

Oh, one other thing about the Snarkling is that he is special! He is able to transmit his thoughts because of some experiments that were done on him. For some reason I can hear his thoughts, although we don't know why. Not many people know that the Snarkling can talk, or even that I can hear him. That's ok though, because it makes me feel special!

Posted by niblick at September 23, 2003 08:08 AM
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